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Club Vision and Philosophy:


At Infinity Sports Club we strive to create an environment in which our young boys and girls can have fun, feel safe and challenged while learning important life lessons through sport. Using developmentally appropriate curriculum delivered by qualified coaches through year round competition, players learn principles of Joy, Mindfulness, Competition, Compassion and Inclusion. Establishing a local club where children can learn these essential concepts while contributing to their community, and maintain an organization that the community can be proud of.   

Player Development Plan:


Our goal is to develop both a complete player and person. We focus on Individual Player Development while creating passing teams that share the ball and prioritize skill and ball possession over scoring. 

Character building activities and role modeling take place on and off the field. Academics are a top priority. The soccer component of Infinity Sports Club has every intention of following in our field hockey component which is extremely proud of the number of collegiate level athletes have graduated from our sports program.  

Management Teams

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Director Of Coaching: Ted Thomas
Director of Soccer: Kim Krejdovsky
Coordinator of Soccer: Danielle Marcucci


Field Hockey:

Co-Directors of Field Hockey: Dani Hemeon & Adam Gemar 
Coordinator of Field Hockey: Tina Dempsey

Erin C. Gemar, President


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