U19 Head Coach

Adam Gemar has been coaching club level field hockey since 1997, he has established himself as one of the best field hockey coaches in our area. His extensive background in ice hockey, merged with his passion for field hockey, has helped him develop a coaching style that equals a winning combination! Coach Gemar has produced numerous NCAA collegiate Athletes from his Infinity Field Hocky program. Many of these players are playing at the highest level, NCAA Division 1, across the United States.

Coach Gemar is married to his wife Erin. They have three little athletes of their own; Kai, Ziggy and Abby. On any given practice day, you will find at least one, or all, of the Gemar clan out there playing, assisting, or just being supportive to the Infinity Field Hockey program. The Gemar's have provided a wonderful family atmoshpere for all players and their families.

They simply do it for the love of the game.....

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